As a piano tuner for countless concert halls, recording studios and performance venues, we have built a vast network of professional audio engineers, performers, teachers, celebrity musicians and we love the work we do and always love to help each other.

It has been a blessing to meet with and work with amazing talent.

Here at Amadeus Pianos in Stamford, CT we’ve got a performance venue and recording facilities which represents a life of inspiration.  We produce mix and master in a very creative and unique atmosphere, surrounded by musical instruments and an incredible vibe.  We are all musicians here and our work is a true passion.

At Amadeus Performance Space you can also take master classes on recording equipment and performance techniques, as well as lectures and master classes hosted by performing musicians and working engineers.  We can produce a single or an album, on cd and vinyl, mastered to the level you desire to bring out your unique sound.  We will develop your skills one on one with the instructor of your choice.

Recording Studio Amadeus Piano
Recording Studio Amadeus Piano

Live concerts are a great deal of fun for us and we take them very seriously.  Our space provides the right atmosphere for great acoustics and a true concert feel, while retaining a very intimate and fun experience which always for weeks after the show.

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