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If anyone knows how to move pianos the old-school way,-we live and breathe it.  For some situations, there is a better way to move a piano up the stairs.  It is safe and cost effective with our robotic stair climbing technology.  Amadeus Piano Company’s PianoLimo is the only company in America to have these Piano Moving Robots on board our PianoLimo.

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  1. We have been using Amadeus Piano for the past 5 years. In those 5 years we bought one piano, replaced a piano, had multiple tunings done, and had multiple piano deliveries.
    Everything was accomplished by Yury Feygin, Amadeus’ owner and accomplished pianist.
    Yuri’s years of experience insure a safe and professional delivery of any piano.
    His honesty, caring, and competence are rare.
    His tunings are an experience to behold as he plays classical or modern pieces while making sure that every key is in tune.
    I highly recommend Amadeus Piano co. for all of your piano needs.

    A very happy customer

    Mimi O

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