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Amadeus Piano Co., L.L.C. and our piano repair facility in Stamford, CT, located at 46 Magee Ave., Stamford, CT 06902. We have select pianos available for sale from our investment Antique Piano Collection, affordable student and professioanl pianos for rent, a piano repair facility, restoration and climate-controlled piano storage
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Some of the available pianos in stock. Rental pianos rotate quickly and some of the pianos listed may already not be available. We always get a constant flow of pianos from our factory in Ronkonkoma, NY. Please use this as a general guide for pricing. Please call us for a consultation regarding the right piano for you. (203)569-5078

Sample Fee Based on $ 1 per day

Piano Rental Policy: When renting, the first payment includes:

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White Yamaha G-Series

Made in Japan, this is the real deal, not the Taiwanese/Indonesian replica assembled here in the U.S.

All aged wood parts, the piano will outperform and outlast what the brand currently produces and has already proven the point by being here since the mid. '80s and we will easily provide a 10 year warranty for this instrument.

Rent her for $350 per month

Purchase price $ 7,800

Yamaha White Baby Grand Piano

More Pictures: 1 2 3

Steinway Model L Serial # 367452

In really good condition strictirally amd mechanically. We back it up with a 10 year parts/labor warranty.

Rent this piano for $395 per month with option to purchase where deposit, delivery and up to 6 months of payments will be applied towards the purchase price below:

Purchase Price $ 23,400

currently leased to Staples High School of Westport, CT

Steinway L 2 3

Kimball Ebony Satin Spinet Piano

Restored and Refinished using original parts, this piano has the perfect vintage sound and a strong mechanism, with our 20 year warranty, which outlasts any new piano on the market, this is the perfect piano for recording vintage piano sound and is a solid instrument for beginner piano lessons as well.

Rent for $2 per day - Purchase price $4,200

kimball piano black satin

Hardman Console Blues Edition by PianoFinish

This Vintage Hardman piano has been restored with all original parts, but the finish is taken to a whole new level. Black keys have a blue flake under lacquer which is really unique and beautiful, toned down but definitely present blues touch. High Gloss polyester finish case with marble speck. Super unique show and conversation piece, designed by PianoFinish

Rent this piano for $2.50 per day, Purchase Price $ 5,100

Hardman Blues Piano


Yamaha Made in 1987 in amazingly clean and lightly-used condition. Ebony High Gloss. Inside-out, the piano is like new, except much better built.

Piano under warranty for 10 years, parts and labor

Rent for $3 per day, Purchase price $3,450

Includes Satin Leather-Top Bench with storage

Yamaha Piano

Picture 2 3 4

Kawai Upright Piano in as new condition. Built in 1998, is much better than new Kawai pianos and is the strongest competing brand to Yamaha. Much less plastic and fiberglass parts, more real wood than new..

High Gloss Black Lacquer Cabinet. Purchase price

$ 3,299

Rent $3 per day

more pictures:

picture 1, 2, 3, Serial number

Kawai Upright Piano

Console-Spinet piano bu Whitney.

Whitney had pianos made for sale by them, built by Kimball. This is good news, because the mechanism is German parts from the right era of piano manufacturing. This piano is restored with all original parts and we provide a 12 year parts and labor warranty, which is same and more than most new piano makers today.

Rent tis piano for $1 per day

Purchase price $ 1,850

Whitney Piano

Antique Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano Model AA

All Original Condition and playable. Piano Does need restoration and we would love to restore it custom to your specifications. Rent or buy it as is in playable, tunable condition, or have us restore it to your specifications of hammers, strings, choices of colors, etc...

Rent As is (Playable in tune) $199 per month

Purchase As is $ 6,900 plus restoration costs.

Complete Restoration starts at $ 8,900

Complete Refinishing Starts at $ 7.200

Mason & Hamlin Piano

Baldwin Acrosonic 425564

Satin White with Matching Bench

Original 1948 with all mechancal parts in excellent working order, reconditioned by Amadeus Piano Company in 2008. For sale with 10 year transferrable warranty.

Selling price $ 4,300

Rent for $ 2 per day

Acrosonic Piano

Hallet & Davis Studio Upright Piano

All original finish and mechanism, restored and under full warranty for parts and labor.

Rent this studio upright for $ 49 per month.

Purchase price $ 3,750

Hallet Davis Upright Piano

Kimball Console Piano

-out of business for over 30 years now, Kimball was the only American manufacturer to showcase exclusively Schwander (German) mechanism and American Cabinetry.

Rent for $49 per month. Purchase $ 4,800

12 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Included

Kimball Upright Piano

Kranich & Bach Console

Vintage Restored all original parts and finish. Piano under full 10 year warranty for parts and labor. Light walnut finish and easy action. Comes with matching piano bench. Rent for $39 per month Purchase $ 3,200

Piano Currently Rented Out

Kranich Console Piano Rent Sale

Lester Console Piano Serial# 182717

Ror rent at $1 per day. Purchase price $ 2,650

Piano under 10 year warranty by Amadeus Piano Company

Wood: brown Mahogany lacquer original petina

Spinet Piano for Rent CT

Yamaha C3 Serial# E4800056

Professional Grand Piano under 10 year warranty by Amadeus Piano Company, Comes with matching bench. Our asking Price is a reasonable $14,500

Finish: High Gloss Hand Rubbed Polyester Ebony


Yamaha C3 for Rent NY CT

Antique Bluthner Professional upright piano. Very rare 1874 all original inside. The lacquer has been completely refinished with authentic Bluthner logos to High Gloss Hand Rubbed Polyester Grand Piano finish.

Piano is a collectible and priced at $36,500

Rent this piano for $5 per dayBluthner Serial number

Bluthner Piano

1919 Mason & Hamlin Model A baby Grand Piano. This piano was restored over 20 years ago and outfitted with the best strings and new hammer heads.

Mahogany Case refinished by Amadeus Piano Company original brass

Tension resonator that made Mason & Hamlin pianos famous helps this piano outperform Steinway & Sons in similar size.

Purchase price $ 32,000

Rent for $ 425 per month

Mason & Hamlin Model AMason Piano

Mason & Hamlin Console Piano. Completely restored and refinished by Amadeus Piano Company to High Gloss Polyester Hand-Rubbed finish, this is a collectible piano, made in the 1930s. We hand-carved the bench to match the design on the legs.

Piano Priced at $ 23,500

Rent for $ 5 per day

Mason & Hamlin Piano

Story & Clark Console piano. Traditional walnut finish with nice Chip 'n Dale Legs.

All original, restored inside and out under full warranty.

Piano Comes with matching Bench

Purchase for $ 2,900

Rent for $2 per day

Story Clark Piano

All original Bluthner Grand Piano 6'10" made in 1874


original soundboard, original action, everything survived very well.

Price as is $ 48,000

Price Restored and Refinished starting $ 73,000

Piano Value is conservatively starting at $ 105,000

Bluthner is one of the few pianos in the world with a real blue book value pricing system.

One of the most superior brands in the world, the wood is aged at least 60 years older than the piano itself.

Bluthner piano

-See this piano on Display at our Westport Showroom at 240 Post Rd East. Westport, CT 06880

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