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Piano Restoration

Steinway B Piano Restoration

Click to see more restoration pictures of this 1886 Steinway & Sons Model "B"

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The Art of Piano Restoration in our company is passed down for three generations, from father to son.

We seek out, restore, deliver and maintain the piano of your dreams and warranty our work for up to 20 years for parts and labor.

The best pianos in the world were made a long time ago, when the quality of the wood and the process of aging, selection and craftsmanship were available to make an instrument that only improves with age and makes sense to pass on as an heirloom as it also increases in value, sometimes exponentially.

We collect pianos of different vintages, from the late 1700s through the 1940s to be able to stock the best woods to restore the original sound of your antique piano.


Yamaha C5 Piano Restoration

The Piano Soundboard Restoration process takes 3-5 months depending on the difficulty of the project. For each piano, we determine the age of the wood used in fabrication and match it to the wood from one of the antique pianos in our collection. It is imperative that the age of the wood and the brand is the same when performing the restoration because:

As the sound wave travels through the soundboard, which is a membrane - there should be no voids or interruptions of any kind that may distort the color of the sound and the length of sound decay.

The soundboard crown is first restored, which is the curved shape it needs to have, similar to the body of a violin and guitar. Bridges, which are glued to the soundboard, pick up the string vibrations and must sit at a proper bearing for a nice tension in tone.


Yamaha Soundboard

The soundboard can always be stained to hide the repairs, but we really take pride in our work and offer the option to leave the work exposed, under layers of soundboard varnish, to show the quality of the craftsmanship and the quality of the wood and method used to bring back the orinal sound and value of your piano.

Please see more pictures of the Piano Soundboard Restoration of a 1980s Yamaha C5 Grand Piano for Westport High School:

Picture 1, 2, 3, 4

Steinway Piano Repair

Piano Refinishing - The lacquer industry has come a long way in the last two decades and the chemical manufacturers have come up with very creative ways to have a quick or environmentally friendly or water-based finish.

For pianos, there are two options to maximize value:

Option 1: Original finish of the piano, which for antique pianos is usually French Polish Organic Lacquer - 30-40 coats of hand-buffed lacuqer that must be applied by the same person continuously with the same exact speed and technicuqe on all parts of the piano body, legs and parts. This process is most time consuming and requires the user to polish and maintain the finish every few weeks.

Option 2: Modern Polyester finish, high gloss hand rubbed finish which is chemical resistant and is the world standard for the best pianos made today in Germany, Austria and Italy. This finish does the best job of preserving the wood and maximizing the wood grain. Also in completely maintenance-free and is a green LEEDS compliant finish because once it cryztalizes in production, does not offgass or break down. So strong that you can spill nail polish remover or alcoholic beverages and nothing will happen. - This finish comes in Super High Gloss or Super Satin.


In a grand piano and any upright piano, string tension is tens of thousands of pounds.  If you let the piano go out of tune for a long time, the string tension fluctuates by thousands of pounds with each passing season, causing major warping and cracking in the hardwoods, soundboard and bridges.

soundboard crack

Piano action regulation must be performed at least every two years on any piano to maintain the right touch and prolong the life of the piano action.

Piano Tuning

If your piano has not been tuned in a long time (more than a couple years), one piano tuning may not bring your piano back into concert pitch.  Also, the piano may not hold the tuning as long as a regularly-maintained piano would.  This is because Piano strings are designed to be kept under a certain amount of pressure and when this pressure is not maintained and suddenly applied, the piano strings will stretch out and go back approximately half way from the original position.   A second and sometimes third and fourth tuning may be required to bring the strings to a stable point, and the piano will eventually hold the tuning.  The consecutive piano tunings may be done in one sitting, or can be spread out over a period of a few weeks to a couple months.  Our experienced piano technicians will be able to advise the best method, depending on the current condition of your piano and the stability of the climate around the piano.

Basic Piano Tuning Schedule

Piano Tuning

In order to keep proper string tension, every piano must be tuned at least twice per year, if moderately used.  For heavy or professional use more frequent service is required.  In concert halls and recording studios, the piano is typically tuned before each performance.  The tuning schedule should coincide with the heating cycle of the room in which the piano is located.  After the beginning of a heating cycle, in the fall, allow the piano to acclimate to the new humidity level for two to three weeks and then have it tuned.  Likewise, after the end of a heating cycle, in the spring, wait two to three weeks after the heat has been turned off and then have it tuned.

Piano Tuning

Piano Teachers, Music Teachers and Schools, please contact us regarding special prices for non-profit organizations.  Special raters for piano service, rentals, purchases, piano repairs and restoration, and all accessories piano covers, locks, and humidity control system installations.
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